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Commemorating the 50th anniversary of a Japanese motorsports pioneer: The MUGEN collaboration EDIFICE SOSPENSIONE

Presenting a collaboration between MUGEN, a brand that is still a leader at the forefront of the motorsports world as it celebrates its 50th anniversary, and EDIFICE SOSPENSIONE, a timepiece born of a “real motorsports” concept. This watch powerfully evokes the valiant racing spirit of MUGEN, capturing the identity of the brand in all aspects of its design, including the colors, logo, and emblem. The band is made of Alcantara, a sophisticated material known for its use in high-end auto interiors, as well. This premium-quality chronograph is more than worthy of this special anniversary.

Established in 1973 by HONDA Hirotoshi, the oldest son of Honda Motor Company founder HONDA Soichiro. In addition to participating in professional races in Japan and worldwide with its Team Mugen, the brand engages in a broad range of motorsports-related activities. These include designing, developing, producing, assembling and selling race car engines and motors, developing carbon composite components, and developing, producing and selling tuning parts and accessories, mainly for four-wheeled vehicles. Since 2003, M-TEC Co., Ltd. has taken on much of the business operations for the MUGEN brand, which is commemorating its 50th anniversary in 2023.

Bold, original face design featuring MUGEN brand colors

The whole watch design expresses the MUGEN brand colors: white, red, gold, and black. A color scheme with a strong visual effect makes the brand identity apparent at a glance with the three colored bars across the middle of the black dial, the tips of the hour and minute hands, the red section of the inset dial, and inlaid parts of the index marks and dial. The MUGEN logo at the 3 o’clock position creates a unique look for this collaboration model.

Actual typeface data supplied by MUGEN for bezel engraving

An engraving on the bezel features the font used on shift knobes made by MUGEN, created with actual typeface data supplied by MUGEN.

Band made of Alcantara material, capturing the MUGEN spirit

The band is made with Alcantara, a material also used in MUGEN race car seats. In addition to being elegant and soft to the touch, the material features durability, breathability, and ease of care. MUGEN POWER and Eye Commander logos symbolising the spirit of MUGEN are embossed on the band, with three-color stitching in brand colors. The MUGEN colors and logo are featured on the double band loop made of leather and metal as well.

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